Curated by Lynne Speake & Spam Glam aka Hannah


“Precious?” should challenge the boundaries of what contemporary jewellery is and express what the notion of the term “precious” means.

This category is about maker’s connections with their objects, thoughts or the feelings that they create with their work, as well as how they communicate them.

The one restriction given is that all work has to sit on or work with the body. The rest is entirely up to our artist’s processes, materials and concepts.

We want to see the work that people are excited to make. We’re delighted to say that we have been surprised, shocked, confused, challenged, overwhelmed and excited by all of our selected artists and we hope that you will be to.


Alexandra Prelipcean

Amy Stringer

Carmel Boerner

Claudia Lepik

Dongyi Wu

Elisabetta Nevola

Elvira Cibotti

Iro Kaskani

Juan Harnie

Mara Colecchia

Surabhi Sahgal

Susanne Elstner

Teresa Faris

Wiebke Pandikow