Meet The TEAM


Originally a painter Lynne’s work sits within both Art Jewellery and Contemporary Ceramics. After a four year BA(Hons) Fine Art degree and ten years of teaching Art (inner city London) Lynne moved to Cornwall to complete a MA in Contemporary Visual Art at Falmouth University. She graduated with a distinction and a fundamental change to her practice.


Katy Gillam-Hull is a crafts artist who graduated from University of Hertfordshire with a BA in Contemporary Applied Arts in 2015, with a term spent studying metalwork at Oslo Academy of the Arts. Since graduation she has completed a long-term residency with the Museum of St Albans that resulted in 3 installations over 3 years. She has also developed works for other museums and galleries such as Ruthin Crafts Centre and Mint London. She teaches jewellery making at Made by Ore, her workshop in London.


Hannah has been designing and making “wearables” from as far back as she can remember. These days and under the guise of Spam Glam, her charismatic and colourful alter ego, she chooses to engage with her audience through the wearable sculptures and interactive experiences that she creates. Passionate about the niche field of contemporary jewellery, she will challenge your preconceptions of jewellery. Her philosophy is not to take herself too seriously and invites you, the viewer, to engage on a level that you’re comfortable with.


Loz Samuels of ‘Callous Creations’ is an emerging jeweller with a B.A Hons in Theatrical Design. She has been immersed in the arts all her life as a performer, maker and creative director or commissioner, metal-smithing is her latest passion. Loz creates small collections incorporating reclaimed elements or non traditional materials, she is not concerned with the physical value of these elements rather their story and the attached sentimental value they once held. She will redefine them giving them a new context and narrative to continue their story. Much of her work is influenced by travel or childhood and questions traditional narratives.


Faye Hall is a textile and jewellery designer. Her jewellery, informed by preliminary embroidered collages, explores unifying contrasting materials that are different colours, forms, weights, and origins together in a harmonious way using embroidery and silversmithing techniques. She likes the interaction and dialogue between precious metal and non-precious materials, and She is fascinated by the use of embroidery as being used as both a construction and decorative tool.


Juan Riusech did the school of contemporary jewellery in Barcelona and founded Alliages in 2009. His workplace is like a laboratory where he like to experiment with new materials and often mixing old and new techniques. He goes always in thousands of directions, never doing the same, but there is a red thread that links everything. Since 2010, he explores the heart as main subject of my work, the heart as source of life or death, the heart as the center of emotions.