Curated by Faye Hall


A celebration of innovative work that explores the use and application of a range of materials; from precious to non-precious and all that falls in-between. This category showcases work that encourages viewers to question their own assumptions on materials and how we use them. It also opens up discussions about the huge scope of elements that contemporary jewellery can include and imbue. We will consider all materials: metals, stones, textiles, plastics, organic material…just as long as you can create something harmonious and original.  

Join us for an exploration into unexpected, intriguing and exciting wearable objects that investigate materiality and aesthetic through an inventive approach. 


Alex Kinsley Vey

Chantel Gushue

Flore Soria

Federica Pallaver

Joshua Kosker

Juanjo Garcia Martin

Lorena Lazard


Rachel Butlin

Ute van der Plaats

Verde Alfieri

Yukiko Kakimoto