Curated by Loz Samuels & Katy Guillam-Hull



We only have to scratch the surface of any industry to see an often huge environmental impact as a result of its activity. Jewellery is no exception to this.  As we become increasingly aware of the impact our sector has on the planet, we feel it is crucial to create a space where makers can showcase work that is inspired by the environment, appreciates nature’s beauty and ingenuity or simply demonstrates a more environmentally friendly approach to making. Partnering with Makers Against Extinction, we encourage entrants to explore this topic but ask that they be considerate of the impact their use of materials has. We would also encourage all pieces to be created using a more ethical approach.

Join us for an exploration of work that is provoking conversation, actively confronting the ethics of the jewellery industry and creating a more eco friendly offering for the future.


Megan McKenzie

Lucy Spink

Cleopatra Cosulet

Lisa A Hamilton