Curated by Loz Samuels & Katy Gillam-Hull


 Objects imbued with stories. 

Antique or found materials that carry a history. 

Imaginative jewellery that has a tale to tell. 

Jewellery as a means of communication has always enthralled the art jeweller. This category celebrates the narrative within contemporary jewellery and all of the ways that it can be expressed. Whether these narratives are subtly referenced through a choice of materials, linked to actual histories and myths or imagined by the maker themself. Join us for a discussion on this broad style of making and a reflection on what drives us to tell these stories.


Agnes Wo

Anna Zeibig

Catherine Large

Gemma Canal

Jamie Kroeger

Katja Toporski

Katy Gillam-Hull

Maria-Amalia Kistani

Monique Lecouna

Namkyung Lee

Raquel Bessudo