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Claudia Lepik is a jewellery artist who is intrigued by how to push boundaries in jewellery through her use of scale and materials. She is specifically interested in face and nose jewellery but is heavily inspired by theatrical fashion, as it gives her the opportunity to investigate the whole body.

Claudia chooses her materials carefully, in order to create a dialogue with the body. By taking time to create each piece, she is able to communicating her emotions and her interest in fashion. The main material in her large-scale work is brass, which she manipulates to create an almost garment-like feel from afar but when seen close up you’re aware of the stiffness of the metal. She is in love with her hands and lets them dictate almost the whole process, from sketch to final piece.


VI AB further development

Mask, 2019

Brass, fabric, ribbon

Committee of Sleep headpiece 

Hat, 2021

Brass, fabric, ribbon



2015 – 2018 Estonian Academy of Arts, design faculty, contemporary jewelry (BA)


16 Feb -19 May 2019 2WO+1NE=1, Fashion Brand Athens, Greece


11 Jun – 11 Jul Cluster London Jewellery Residency, 1 month long London, UK, 2021
13 Aug – 16 Sep 92Y International Jewelry Residency program, 1-month long New York City, USA, 2019


18 – 24 Nov 2019 About Face, curated by Jonathan Wahl, Hall of Mirrors, 92Y NYC Jewelry Week 2019


21 Feb – 28 Jun 2020 The Anatomy of Estonian Art Jewellery 1953-2019 curated by Ketli Tiitsar, Tartu Art Museum, Estonia

22 – 29 May 2019 Ek-kinesis: Jewelry Schools, Start Ups For New Artists Athens Jewelry Week 2019
20 – 28 Oct 2018 VI Artishok Biennial, curated by Sten Ojavee passenger terminal of the Baltic railway station, Tallinn


18 Oct 2018 AS Noor Ehe Special Prize
21 Jun 2018 EAA Young Applied Artist Prize (BA)

Precious? 2021 – Alexandra Prelipcean

ALEXANDRA PRELIPCEAN Precious? / Romania   My jewelry tells alternative stories about beauty, as I don’t seek beauty in perfection. A Story in White Collection tells stories about change and growth, about new beginnings, about the transmutation of Fear into Hope....

Precious? 2021 – Amy Stringer

AMY STRINGER Precious? / UK   Amy fuses industrial and precious materials to create bold, one off contemporary jewellery. Amy primarily combines cement with striking metalwork, nature and gemstones to challenge society’s perception of ‘precious’. With...

Precious? 2021 – Carmel Boerner

CARMEL BOERNER Precious? / Canada   Ruff subverts a historically potent symbol of status and wealth, questioning who and what is precious. While Ruff appears to be an Elizabethan frippery of fabric, on closer appraisal it betrays itself as gloves worn by medical...

Precious? 2021 – Dongyi Wu

DONGYI WU Precious? / USA   Dongyi’s works span across jewellery, body jewellery, fashion art, sculpture and conceptual installation. Trying to push the boundaries of jewellery, Dongyi creates the works with her unique and expressive language while making them...

Precious? 2021 – Elisabetta Nevola

ELISABETTA NEVOLA Precious? / Italy   For me porcelain represents a unique and privileged expressive tool, where strength and delicacy can coexist, despite this contrast . My creations are the outcome of a matter research: clay plasticity and metals, come...

Precious? 2021 – Elvira Cibotti

ELVIRA CIBOTTI Precious? / Argentina   I have always been an avid observer of my surroundings. The impressions and feelings embossed in my mind have made me feel the need to talk about how I see and feel the world around me. Through jewelry, I have found a way to...

Precious? 2021 – Iro Kaskani

IRO KASKANI Precious? / Cyprus   My work is about designing and making visionary pieces through the synergy of craftsmanship and creativity. Throughout the whole process, from concept to completion; the intention is to successfully create wearable artwork that...

Precious? 2021 – Juan Harnie

JUAN HARNIE Precious? / Belgium   Juan Harnie is a 27-year old jewellery designer/maker from Hasselt, Belgium. He studied architectural and interior arts in Brussels but the scale of the things he had to design troubled him. He liked to work on a small scale and...

Precious? 2021 – Mara Colecchia

MARA COLECCHIA Precious? / USA   Working with minuscule seed beads forces a weaver to be methodical and attentive, as a small mistake on a large piece can turn into a serious complication. This technique is extremely time consuming, and necessitates the creation...

Precious? 2021 – Surabhi Sahgai

SURABHI SAHGAL Precious? / India    I am a jewellery-maker transitioning from architectural practice towards narrative objects and speculative adornment. I see my current practice as an exploratory journey into the development of jewellery and objects as stimuli...

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