In order to provide our artists with an even more exclusive and exciting experience, we have partnered with a handful of wonderful organisations and individuals, without whom Precious Collective wouldn’t have been so warmly welcomed into the contemporary art jewellery family.

Katrin Spranger and Kelvin Birk of the K2 Academy were the first people to give Lynne the confidence that she needed to create the Precious Collective back in 2017. As well as supporting us in all our endeavours, they have since set up the K2 Academy, which nurtures new makers and very honestly allows them to explore the ever-changing landscape of contemporary jewellery. Both Katrin and Kelvin are amazing makers, who we are proud to count amongst our members and are now even more excited to partner with for this year’s event.

Cluster have been championing contemporary jewellery, within their events and online, since 2016. They now have safe spaces for artists within jewellery, craft, illustration and photography and truly put makers at the centre of everything. Their honesty and ability to nurture a community are what has drawn the Precious Collective to partnering with them. We can’t wait to watch this partnership bloom.

One of Alliages most important goals is to help launch new and emerging talents within the contemporary art jewellery scene. Since 2009, Juan Riusech has been championing makers from all over the globe and at stages of their career by providing both a physical and digital safe space for makers to showcase their work. His approach is real, honest and his generosity with both his time and skills within the Precious Collective make him and the gallery a perfect partnership for this event.

We are also excited to welcome Autor amongst our partners. Their warmth and inclusivity drew us to them and we love the way that they champion makers at all stages of their artistic careers. As a fair and an international platform for contemporary and art jewellery, Autor are a perfect partner for us to kick off this journey with.

Makers Against Extinction was set up this year by fellow Precious Collective member Lucy Spink, in response to the 21 For 21 campaign; originally created by Explorers Against Extinction. It champions the work of twenty-one conservation projects around the world. By asking makers to pledge £21 of every sale towards these projects, Lucy hopes to raise awareness amongst makers for this incredible charity who are helping vulnerable species and wild spaces stay alive during 2021. As individuals, our team are just as passionate as Lucy about preservation and the impact that we, as makers, are having on our planet. We look forward to working closely with Makers Against Extinction and hope that you will join us in supporting them by visiting their website to find out more.

Melody Vaughan is a passionate curator and creative consultant who supports and promotes makers. If anyone has had the incredibly good fortune to work with her or have her on your side, you’ll know what wonderful insight and kindness she has for both emerging and established artists. Melody truly is a one-off and we couldn’t be prouder to partner with someone who seeks to encourage and develop the creative community as much as we do within the Precious Collective.