Narrative / Mexico


Through my work, I explore the quotidian, my everyday relationship with what surrounds me — little and intimate happenings or places that inspire me, then become an intrinsic part of my work.

If I refer to memories, it is a selective and conscious process to preserve those instants.

The use of Fabric, embroidery, and paint has become an essential part of my work, and they are my words. How I make them interact, complete the sentences and help me writing the story.


Windows (Paris)

Brooch, 2021

Textile, watercolour, pencil, silk thread, stainless steel

Windows (Paris) II

Necklace, 2021

Textile, gesso, watercolour, pencil, polyester thread
Iron Cooper, enamel, reflecting beads
waxed cotton cord, Silk cord, fresh water pearls

Windows (Paris) III

Brooch, 2021

Textile, watercolour, pencil, silk thread


Raquel Bessudo is a Contemporary Jewellery artist based in Mexico City; she was part of the selection for Shmuck 2020, participated in a group exhibition on the occasion of Paris Parcours Bijux 2020 and by Association Alliages as part of Painful Hope exhibition.

Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, Argentina, the USA, Australia, and Europe. Some of which include II Contemporary Jewellery Latin-American Biennale 2018, “Neighbours,” where she received a special mention from the jury. “Huellas” Museum Juan del Carral Colombia “La Frontera” Encounters Along The Border MAD, NY, USA, and Museum Franz Mayer Mexico. “The US-Mexico border” Place Imagination and Possibility” CAFAM September 2017 L.A., USA. VEOVEO promise objects for everyday use, Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne city library, Australia August 2017. Publications of her work include: Metalsmith Magazine, Vol 40 No.3, Artist in flux by Rachel Reichert, JAMS, publish by SNAG, The jewel Book, Stichting Kunstboek, Belgium, Joya magazine, Mexico City.
This year, she joined the Garland Magazine as a Member of the editorial board and will be part of Cluster Contemporary Jewellery, 2021.

Narrative 2021 – Agnes Wo

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Narrative 2021 – Anna Zeibig

ANNA ZEIBIG Narrative / Hungary   A short story by Jorge Luis Borges titled The Circular Ruins inspired me to create this piece. It's a haunting tale about a stranger who arrives at the ancient circular ruins of the God of Fire. He fell asleep there and begins to...

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Narrative 2021 – Gemma Canal

GEMMA CANAL Narrative / Spain   As an artist each project is research and is learning… I’ m interested in the material, I’m interested in the concept, one thing leads me to the other. The project is based on questions that I answer with a dialogue between the...

Narrative 2021 – Jamie Kroeger

JAMIE KROEGER Narrative / Canada   Through the creation of jewellery objects, I consider and portray the relationships that exist between humans and outdoor environments. The narrative develops through careful choice of material and process. Through these...

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Narrative 2021 – Katy Gillam-Hull

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Narrative 2021 – Melina Kistani

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Narrative 2021 – Monique Lecouna

MONIQUE LECOUNA Narrative / Argentina   Amulet to protect A Room of One’s Own In this amulet these wrappings protect and preserve my “own room” of which Virginia Woolf spoke in her book. That room represents my ability to create. I discovered this during my...

Narrative 2021 – Namkyung Lee

NAMKYUNG LEE Narrative / South Korea   Places I, or others, stayed remain as images. These places, in which we stared and felt differing emotions, are fixed as scenes. The photographic images I use represent those parts of a place where gazes fell and rested....

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