Mixed materials


Faye’s jewellery, informed by preliminary embroidered collages, explores unifying contrasting materials that are different colours, forms, weights, and origins together in a harmonious way using embroidery and silversmithing techniques. She likes the interaction and dialogue between precious metal and non-precious materials, and she is fascinated by the use of embroidery as being used as both a construction and decorative tool.



Brooch, 2021

Linoleum, Sterling Silver, Rose quartz, Cotton, Cherry wood, Formica, Swarovski crystals, Lacquered copper, Stainless steel


Brooch, 2020

Linoleum, 24ct Gold coated brass, Cotton, Silk, Formica, Swarovski crystals, Glass, Silicon, Sterling silver, Stainless steel


Brooch, 2021

Linoleum, Oxidised sterling silver, Spinel, Black diamonds, Cotton, Red palm wood, Formica, Swarovski crystals, Lacquered copper, Stainless steel


Crafting Europe: iAtelier project 2021
‘Precious Things in Time of Uncertainty’: Precious Collective. Alliages, Lille // Radiant Pavillion, Melbourne 2021
‘Beyond Typology’: Munich Jewellery Week 2021
‘Artifical Intelligems’ : Munich Jewellery Week 2021
Collect: Represented by House On Mars Gallery, London 2021
Crafts Council Hothouse 2020
‘Glasshouses’: ACJ Digital exhibition 2020
‘Architectural Echoes’: Studio Vault 2020
‘Rising Stars’: New Ashgate 2020
‘Live // Live’: Arteria Gallery 2020

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