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After attending La Industrial, contemporary jewellery school in Barcelona, Juan Riusech founded Alliages, a contemporary art jewellery gallery in Lille, in 2009. For him, every jewel is a work of Art and he still enjoys designing and making art jewellery despite running a very busy schedule with Alliages.

He claims that his workshop is like a laboratory where he likes to experiment with new materials, often mixing both old and new techniques.

Although Juan likes to regularly change the direction of his work, there is always a common thread connecting each project. Since 2010, the heart has featured heavily as his primary subject, both aesthetically and conceptually. He sees the heart as both the source of life and death as well as our centre for emotions.

Since 2013 he has been curating exhibitions worldwide through Alliages. The Legacy collection, which features amongst these exhibitions, has since been donated to the most important museum of contemporary jewellery in France and includes 167 pieces made by 132 artists; a mixture of established makers and emerging talent.

The evolution of art jewellery clearly shows that there is a desire to go beyond the boundaries of more traditional jewellery. When jewellery becomes art, the limits disappear, and the jewellery-sculpture becomes an independent and timeless work of art. A wearable sculpture that uses the human body as its pedestal.


Heart slices

Necklace, 2019

Fabrix, latex, Filaflex, electronic circuits

broken Heart

Brooch, 2017

PLA, cement, acrylics, copper, silver, steel

Heart failure, is this the end ?

Brooch, 2019

PLA, ciment, acrylics, copper, silver, steel


Solo and group exhibitions worldwide

Contemporary Jewellery school in Barcelona (2004-2006)

Exhibition curator & juror (2012-2021)

Lecturer (2015-2019)

Several publications


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