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Katy Gillam-Hull is a crafts artist who graduated from University of Hertfordshire with a BA in Contemporary Applied Arts in 2015, with a term spent studying metalwork at Oslo Academy of the Arts. Since graduation she has completed a long-term residency with the Museum of St Albans that resulted in 3 installations over 3 years. She has also developed works for other museums and galleries such as Ruthin Crafts Centre and Mint London. She teaches jewellery making at Made by Ore, her workshop in London.

As a crafts artist Katy Gillam-Hull makes work fuelled by curiosity and informed by historical research and imagination alike. She predominantly works in precious metals incorporating found objects, often pieces of ceramic or glass. Whether she is working with a museum’s collection or her own finds from mudlarking she often considers the forgotten beauty or narrative of objects. In response she creates intricate pieces and art jewellery that intrigue the viewer, revealing this hidden past or preciousness and showing the found or historical item in a new and reverential light. This fixation with the forgotten, fragmented and broken drives her research and collections, not only of objects but of histories and stories that beg to be told. Her works, rooted in an appreciation for heritage crafts, reference traditional skills and present themselves as a kind of contemporary artefact, made to highlight the hidden and commemorate the lost.


Chatelaine for Henrietta Howrd



Faded brooches

Brooches, 2020

Silver, dentitric quartz, steel wire

Shadow jewellery

Pins, 2019

Silver, 22K gold, pearls


Exhibitions and Residencies 

Great Northern Craft Fair- (online) 2020

Digital Craft Festival-(online) 2020

Hertfordshire Open- (online) St Albans Museum, Hertfordshire. May-June 2019

Is it Useful – Unit Twelve Gallery, Staffordshire April 26th/September 1st 2018

Abundance- New St Albans Museum June 6th/July 6th 2018

Making it now – Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales November 25th 2017/ January 27th 2018

Handmade at Kew with Arts Thread- Kew Gardens, London October 2017

Luminates- Mint Gallery as part of London Design Festival September 16th-30th 2017

New Designers, One Year On- Business design centre, London June 2017

Portal – Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Wales August 12th /September 23rd 2017

Rescued, Retained, Revered – Installed in both St Albans clocktower and St Albans Veralanium Museum September 2016

St Albans museums and UH Galleries artist in residence -2015/2016 Culminating in 2 exhibitions

St Albans Museum Trust Award- December 2014

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