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Born and bred on the shores of the North Sea, I always gravitated towards the sea. With a camera and a bag, I would stroll along the coast. More and more frequently, I began stumbling on plastic waste while beachcombing. The photos and the beach finds became an inspiration, and I was able to use some of these materials in my work.

The collection Turning Tides is about awakening awareness of this pollution. Wearing jewellery can play an innovative role in this process as a means of communication. My wish is to raise awareness about the perils of plastic pollution and to cherish the beauty of unspoilt nature. Our environment is vulnerable and susceptible to change from adverse human intervention.

We are changing our world with this increasing tide of plastic, filling our oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, canals and ditches, plasticizing nature. Whilst my designs may not change the world, I hope they can lead the onlooker to an awareness and inspiration to protect our world.


Turning Tides 9

Necklace, 2021

Washed up rope, driftwood, oxidised sterling silver, polymer

Turning Tides 5

Necklace, 2021

Oxidized sterling silver, polymer

Turning Tides 6

Necklace, 2021

Washed up ghost fishing gear, jute twine



2015 – 2019 : Local art markets & art routes
2020 : Group exhibition, Art Gallery Lokaal 54, Terneuzen, The Netherlands
2020 : Group exhibition, KULT Toonbeeld, Terneuzen, The Netherlands


Photo publication, The Polymer Arts, International Polymer Magazine, summer 2015. Necklace Beach

Photo publication, Polymerclaydaily, International Polymer website, 2015. Necklace Mixed Media

Tutorial publication, The Polymer Week Magazine, summer 2018. Necklace Stringed Cups

‘Pareltjes in de stad’ local TV program, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Quarantine jewellery project 2020 – One Ring A Day

Nominations – Prices :

2017: Winner off the Contest Dutch Polymer Art Guild. Brooch Dandelion

2020: Nomination public award challenge quarantine jewellery, CODA museum Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Necklace No Loitering & Littering


2016 – present: d’Academie Beeld, Sint Niklaas, Belgium, Jewellery Department

2019 : Workshop enamel on fine silver – Jennifer Wells

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