Precious Collective Online Jewellery Week 2021 seeks to explore the subject of preciousness amongst some of the 200 plus Precious Collective’s members. The event will be divided into 5 different categories of jewellery, with each forming an online exhibition, accompanied by a series of correlated live and recorded events.
All profits generated by Precious Collective Online Jewellery Week 2021 will go to Makers Against Extinction, who are raising funds for the 21 For 21 campaign, which champions the work of twenty-one conservation projects around the world.

We are currently gathering prizes and will be announcing them soon.

Applications for this event are open to all jewellers worldwide. If you are not already a Precious Collective member but are selected for this event, you will be offered the opportunity to become one.

The exhibitions will launch online on Wednesday 22nd September 2021, with live events running daily until Sunday 26th September 2021. All events will be available to catch-up on from Wednesday 29th September 2021 via the website, which will host the exhibitions until further notice.

*To qualify for this category, you must be a student or have either graduated or established your business within the last two years.

About Precious Collective:

Established by jeweller and ceramicist Lynne Speake in November 2017 with the purpose of exploring notions of what ‘precious’ is, the collective now boasts over 200 members from all parts of the world. It is a not for profit organisation, made up of diverse makers who explore jewellery making through materials, technique or concept rather than convention.


The event will be organised into five different categories: Precious?, Mixed Materials, Environmental, Narrative & Emerging Talent.

When applying, please clearly state which category or categories you feel best suits your application. If you forget to select a category and should you be successful in your application, one will be chosen for you by the curation panel.

Each day of the event will focus on a different category, the curators and dates for these are as follows:

Wed Sept. 22nd – Precious? – Lynne Speake & Spam Glam (Hannah Almond)
Thur Sept. 23rd – Mixed Materials – Faye Hall
Fri Sept. 24th – Environmental – Katy Gillam-Hull & Loz Samuels
Sat Sept. 25th – Narrative – Katy Gillam-Hull & Loz Samuels
Sun Sept. 26th – Emerging Talent – Juan Riusech

These curators will have the final say and will be your point of contact after selection. They will also be responsible for managing the events relating to their category.

Applicant information:

Artists can only apply once for this event; we will ONLY consider your first submission.

If you are applying for the Emerging Talent category, you must be a student, have graduated or established your jewellery business within the last 2 years.Each applicant may enter up to 3 finished works and you must clearly state which category you are applying for. (If you are unsure about which category to apply for, please contact one of our curators for guidance or advice). Any application containing more than three pieces will be instantly disqualified. If you do not select a category the panel will allocate one for you. Decisions on allocation are final.

All work submitted must be made within the last 2 years. Your entry must be original, one of a kind finished work that has not previously featured on any Precious Collective exhibitions. The artist may present their vision of the theme using any appropriate choice of media, materials or scale.
Should you be successful, the images submitted within your application will be the images used for the online exhibitions; drafts will not be accepted.
Curators will not consider work that appears unfinished or is not to a high-quality finish.

Work will not be considered if it appears to have a political narrative that may be offensive or could be deemed offensive to any particular race, sex or religion or could be detrimental to the Precious Collective in any way.

What you will need to apply:

  • Three images only for each submitted piece: front view, back view and piece being worn. Any additional images will be discarded.
  • A brief description of each submitted piece, which must include: title, materials, process, scale (in cm, eg. 10x5x2cm) and year the piece was made; please also don’t forget the image credit.
  • Your most recent artist statement (up to 1.000 characters, includes spaces).
  • Web and social media links.
  • Your Country and Town.
  • Your category choice (Precious?, Mixed Materials, Environmental, Narrative) if you are not an Emerging talent.
  • A portrait of yourself, the artist.

Only applications sent using the website form will be accepted. Applications sent any other way will not be considered.

Image requirements:

  • Each piece must be photographed to a high, well-lit standard against clear background.
  • Images can be in any format – 1:1 square or 4/3 landscape/portrait, between 1500-2000pxl, 75dpi, jpeg – jpg extension. The maximum size for each image must be 500kb. Any images above this size will disqualify the whole entry.
  • You can use Photoshop, Photopea (free online editing) or GIMP (free software similar to Photoshop) to resize your pictures or improve the definition.
  • Images will not be accepted if they appear to have been manipulated with photoshop or similar software to change the appearance of the work.
  • Keep the background simple.
  • It is mandatory to submit three views of your work front, back & worn.
  • Please rename your images with your name, title of the piece, the year it was made and your chosen category.
    Eg. Lynne Speake_Fragile Earth_2019_Precious


Applications will close on Sunday 20th June 2021 at midnight.
Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Your fee is non-refundable for late entries if it has been processed.
Successful applicants will be notified via email the week commencing Monday 5th July 2021.


The application fee for all Precious Collective members is €10 and €15 for non-members. If you are applying as an Emerging Talent (those applying for the Emerging Talent category only), there is a reduced fee of €6. This is a non-refundable fee.

Once selected, there will be an additional fee of €30 per maker.
All money raised from application & submission fees will go towards covering the costs of setting up and maintaining the event. Any profits will go to the Makers Against Extinction, who are raising funds for the 21 For 21 campaign, originally conceived by The Explorers Against Extinction. Please visit their Instagram group @MakersAgainst Extinction or website for more information.

After the selection has been made:

Successful candidates will be notified of the curator’s choice via email and the list of selected artists will be published on our website and associated social media.

If you are successful in being selected you must:

  • Be available to attend Q & A sessions for each category entered (please see the dates next to the categories)
  • Be able to create and supply video footage, images etc. for online events if invited by your category curator (dates to be confirmed upon selection)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions for our communications
  • Agree that all communications with the organizers throughout the process and the event will be in English

Send your Application

You are an emerging talent

EMERGING TALENT : You must be a student, have graduated or established your jewellery business within the last 2 years.